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21 Things Military Veteran Entrepreneurs Know About Risk That You Can Use Every Day

You don't need to accomplish every task in a particular mission for it to be a success.

"There is a common misunderstanding about former military service members. Some people believe that veterans who served were just order takers, executors, people who just blindly did what they were ordered to do without thought or consideration. The reality couldn’t be more opposite...

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How Two Decades In The Army And One Life Changing Event Helped Me Become A Better Franchisee

As a kid, I always knew the military was in my future. It called to me from a young age, and I spent more than 20 years in the Army, jumping in right after college as a helicopter pilot. After 10 years in the cockpit, I moved into a Public Affairs role at the Pentagon in 2000. I had no way of knowing that one short year later I would have a front seat to one of the most pivotal events in our...

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New TV Commercial!!

Select areas of the Nashville metro region will get to see our new television commercial beginning this week. The spot features a potential customer's personal "collection" of lint. We think it's pretty humorous

In case you don't get to see it in your area, you can view it here. Let us know what you think, and certainly, if you have your own personal lint collection going--give us a...

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When dryer vents are constructed of incorrect materials, such as vinyl or "metallic" flex hose, lint and moisture can accumulate to shut off the airflow to the dryer. This is a safety issue as well as an energy thief!

This video shows what this lint-moisture mixture looks like...and how to avoid it.

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Top 3 Dryer Vent Issues in Middle Tennessee

Some people love to do laundry. Others would rather do anything but laundry. But for most people, laundry is simply one of those chores we’ve accepted as a fact of life. Clothes need to be cleaned.
Since doing laundry is a regular chore that needs to be done, making it as efficient and safe as possible would seem to be a common priority for everyone with a clothes washer and dryer in...

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